Discover Heidelberg: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Due to camper trouble, we got stuck in Mainz for a few days. Despite it being a great city, we decided to explore the surroundings a bit more. A friend recommended the town of Heidelberg to us. It’s about a 1-hour drive from Mainz and approximately 6 hours from the Netherlands. As Heidelberg appears in the distance, you immediately understand why this town is so popular. It seems straight out of a fairytale — a castle perched high in the mountains, stunning old bridges, cozy streets, and colorful houses. It might be a bit touristy, but there are plenty of peaceful undiscovered spots. A charming city to visit for an afternoon or stay overnight.

What to Do in Heidelberg

You don’t have to do a lot in Heidelberg. Simply strolling through the cozy streets and occasionally diving into a hidden beer garden can already make for a great time. But that would be a shame because Heidelberg has a lot more to offer.

Visit Schloss Heidelberg

The Heidelberg Castle is actually the first thing you notice and definitely cannot be missed. It’s not only the symbol of Heidelberg but also one of Germany’s most important ruins. It attracts around 1 million visitors annually. Built around 1200, the castle quickly became one of the key castles of the Renaissance. Take a stroll through the beautiful castle gardens, admire Germany’s largest wine barrel, or visit the ancient pharmacy. Schloss Heidelberg is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Entrance fee is approximately 7 euros.

Old Bridge

While visiting Heidelberg, take a walk across the stunning old bridge of the city. The bridge was built in the 18th century and was one of the first stone bridges in this location.


Accommodation in Heidelberg: Star Inn Hotel

If you want to extend your stay in this charming town, there are plenty of accommodation options available. Since our camper was at the garage, we decided to book a hotel.

We chose the Star Inn Hotel in the newer part of Heidelberg, and it was absolutely perfect. We had a luxurious, spacious, and modern room. In total, we paid around 59 euros.

From the hotel, you can take the tram or bus to the city center.

Heidelberg Hotspots


Even though I haven’t been eating meat for a while, I still enjoy a good schnitzel occasionally. Leroy is especially a fan of schnitzels. I think he’s had about 10 schnitzels in the last 16 days. We decided to try a schnitzel at Schnitzelhaus. It was a great choice because they also offer vegetarian schnitzels.

The restaurant is located by the water near the old bridge. They offer various schnitzels, and we found this to be a lovely, cozy spot. Especially recommended on warm days. And the schnitzels were delicious.


Schnitzelbank is one of the most popular places in Heidelberg to enjoy a schnitzel. Of course, we had to try it. The restaurant is small but lovely. Unfortunately, there were no vegetarian schnitzels, but there were plenty of other vegetarian options. Leroy, of course, went for a schnitzel. The ambiance here is fantastic – bustling, lively, and a bit chaotic.

We visited Schnitzelbank on a warm day, and you can’t really linger due to the heat. The dishes, however, were excellent.

Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg

It might take a bit of searching, but Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg is truly worth it. Here, you can sit cozily and enjoy the tastiest beers.


Recommendations from Others

  • Hans im Glück: Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for this, but apparently, Hans im Glück serves the tastiest burgers.
  • Sahara: The place for Lebanese cuisine.
  • Café Destille: Perfect for a refreshing drink.

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