Diving in Flores Indonesia

Thinking of going diving in Flores, Indonesia? We say, go for it! The Komodo National Park in Flores boasts some of the best diving spots in the world.

Despite the fact that a day of diving can sometimes be a bit pricey, it’s quite reasonable in Flores. And remember, diving in Flores is truly an experience to never forget. The Komodo National Park is among the best and most diverse dive locations globally! Due to the park consisting of multiple islands and the convergence of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, the area is particularly known for its very strong currents. This means that the coral reefs are still in perfect condition, and you have a great chance of encountering sharks, manta rays, turtles, and if you’re lucky, even a dugong.

Dive Sites in Komodo National Park

You can jump into the water almost anywhere in and around the Komodo National Park and take a dive. In total, there are 33 dive sites suitable for various levels. There are top locations for novice divers, and, of course, spots where your regulator might almost be blown out of your mouth, and current enthusiasts can indulge.

We personally dived 9 times in Flores and visited the dive sites below. We would have loved to dive at some of these spots more, but unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time.

Diving in Flores
Diving in Komodo

Manta Point

The place to spot the beautiful manta rays. A dive you must experience. The chance is very high that during a dive at Manta Point, you will encounter multiple manta rays.

  • Level: Beginner/Advanced
  • Maximum depth: 15 meters
  • Dive type: Reef
  • Current: Mild/Strong

Sebayur Kecil

Sebayur Kecil is a fantastic spot for a relaxed dive with a wide variety of corals, fish, and turtles. There is usually very little current at this dive site. Ideal if you are still a novice diver or if you want to relax after an intense drift dive.

  • Level: Beginner/Advanced
  • Maximum depth: 20 meters
  • Dive type: Coral slope
  • Current: Very mild/Mild

Batu Bolong

Wow! Batu Bolong is, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever dived. The quantity and diversity of fish are unparalleled, and the coral is still in perfect condition. Here, you can also spot larger species such as giant Napoleon Wrasse, turtles, white and blacktip reef sharks, and much more. It’s truly an incredible dive spot, as if it came straight out of a Planet Earth documentary. Despite very strong currents that can occur at Batu Bolong, on some days, it’s also suitable for novice divers.

  • Level: Beginner/Advanced
  • Maximum depth: 30 meters
  • Dive type: Steep slope
  • Current: Strong/Super strong with a chance of downcurrents

Mini Wall

Another beautiful place to dive. Little to no current makes it a very relaxed wall dive. In addition to the variety of fish, you can also spot nudibranches, crabs, eagle rays, and hawksbill turtles during your dive.

  • Level: Beginner/Advanced
  • Maximum depth: 30 meters
  • Dive type: Steep slope
  • Current: Very mild/Mild

The Cauldron (Shotgun)

The spot for current enthusiasts. Diving in a small channel between two islands can result in intensely strong currents, shooting you through beautiful corals. A dive you might want to consider if you have more experience.

  • Level: Advanced
  • Maximum depth: 30 meters
  • Dive type: Coral slope / Channel
  • Current: Strong/Ultra strong!
Diving in Komodo Flores
Diving in Komodo Flores
Diving in Flores

Dive Centers in Flores

There are plenty of dive centers in Flores, and you’ll find them all in the small town of Labuan Bajo. This is also the starting point for all dive schools in Flores when they enter the Komodo National Park for diving. The offering is truly enormous, and most dive schools fortunately receive very good reviews. We personally dived several times with Manta Rhei Dive Center and Komodo Dive Center. These were really excellent dive schools, and here’s why.

Manta Rhei Dive Center

This Belgian-run dive school caught our attention very quickly. Everything looks perfect, the boat is beautifully furnished, the equipment is top quality, they serve a delicious breakfast with Belgian waffles, and the lunch was also a treat. The divemasters were also very competent and allowed us to set up our gear under their supervision. This way, you learn something new! For us, this was the best dive school we’ve ever dived with, and we highly recommend spending a day exploring the underwater world of Flores with Manta Rhei.

Komodo Dive Center

After traveling around Flores for a few days, we returned to Labuan Bajo to do more diving. Unfortunately, Manta Rhei was fully booked, so we had to look for another dive school. We ended up at Komodo Dive Center. This dive school also has everything well organized, a nice boat where you can chill between dives, and friendly divemasters with a clear briefing. It’s also an absolute recommendation if you want to go diving in Flores.

Practical Information About Diving in Flores

Just a small note. There is a lot of warning about the fact that diving in Flores is not suitable for beginners.

And to some extent, that’s true. Some dive sites are definitely not suitable for novice divers. However, there are plenty of dive spots that ARE suitable. When you inform your dive school that you have little experience and, for example, have never dived in strong currents, they will take you to places where even you as a beginner can enjoy fantastic dives in calm and less challenging conditions.

Be critical in choosing your dive school, and then it’s all about enjoyment!

Costs of Diving in Flores

The costs for 3 dives with Manta Rhei Dive Center and Komodo Dive Center:

For 3 incredible dives, we paid €90 per person. This includes breakfast, lunch, and equipment, of course.


The boats depart early in the morning around 07:00.

Around 17:00, you are back in Labuan Bajo.

During the return journey, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Man oh man, while writing this article, we can’t wait to go diving again in the incredibly beautiful underwater world of Flores. Are you also thinking of taking a dive in Flores? Do it, do it, do it!

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