24 days in Sulawesi in pictures

Last year we both fell in love with the diverse Indonesia. 3 months we got to travel around here and still got the feeling that we had not seen enough of the country. Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok and Flores, each island was different. Sulawesi was high on the list, but alas the time in Indonesia was up. After our 6-month trip through Asia, we knew for sure, we have to go back to Indonesia. So that’s what we did! This time the beautiful island of Sulawesi. one of the largest islands in Indonesia (and even No. 11 in the world, so the Netherlands fits in about 4x :). By bus, plane and lots of boats, we travel from South to North Sulawesi in 28 days. Still too little time, but enough to be able to say that this is the most beautiful part of Indonesia we have had the pleasure of exploring so far. But enough chatter, images say more than words. So check out our 28-day journey through Sulawesi from North to South Sulawesi in pictures here.

Day 1: A little uncomfortable at a food market in Makassar.

As it turns out, we are Makassar’s biggest attraction. People want their pictures taken and there was even a whole serenade. A little crazy, but mostly incredibly sweet.


Day 2: An hour’s drive from the city you will find the beautiful area of Rammang Rammang.

A fine short drive where the city slowly gives way to breathtaking nature

Rammang Rammang

Day 3: 12 hours on the bus to Tana Toraja. Fortunately, we had good company while waiting.

It was a long long trip today but the bus was beyond expectations very good and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery


Day 4: Hop on the scooter and explore the area, best idea ever!</h3

We had no idea what to expect from this area. Tana Toraja is best known for its culture and unique burial ceremonies. We were surprised with one of the most beautiful natural areas we have had the pleasure of seeing so far.

tana toraja

Day 5: After a long trek through the mountains, we arrive at a funeral ceremony that we get to attend.

one of the most special and intense experiences we have had so far.

Tana Toraja

Day 6: we travel on to Tentena which is located on Lake Poso

What looks more like a bounty destination with crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches.


Day 7: We will stay 1 day in Tentena where we will visit Saluopa waterfalls. Gigantic!

Saluopa waterfall

Day 8: We travel from Tentena to Ampana to go to the Togian Islands the next.

A terrible ride, so today only this photo. Still fairly relaxed at the beginning of our ride.


Day 9: We made it to Paradise. This area is so beautiful.

Beautiful beaches during the day and enjoying sunsets like this in the evening.

Togian Islands

Day 10: finally we get to go diving again! We leave by boat for Una Una.

Quite a ride, but 2 fantastic dives.

una una

Day 11: The Togian Islands consist of several islands.

So we decide to move to our next accommodation. Poki Poki. A slightly less beautiful beach, but top notch atmosphere.

Poki Poki

Day 12: how cool! In Togian Islans, you have a lake full of jellyfish that cannot sting.

Super bizarre to swim among the jellyfish. After a somewhat hesitant start, we then never left the water

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Day 13: Tjaaaa should I say anything more about this. Our last day in the Togian Islands

The Togian Islands have by far the most beautiful bounty beaches we have had the pleasure of seeing so far. Go go go go!!! To the Togian Islands

Togian Islands

Day 14: We decide last minute to go to Gorontalo after all to dive with Whalesharks.

A 13-hour boat ride and yes spooning is just business class here. Once we arrive in Gorontalo we decide super bad to eat at the pizza hut, sounds like a top idea after 12 days of fish and rice. Just before we want to order food, we feel an earthquake. Half an hour later, we see the first images of the tsunami in Palu and discover how bad the situation is. Terrible. Over the next few days, this will play quite a role in our journey. It still feels a little crazy to travel while on the other side of the island there is so much misery. We often talk about traveling on to another island. Not for the danger, because the area is huge, but mostly for the feeling. But that doesn’t help anyone in the end. We hear stories of tourists leaving the island en masse or canceling their trips. The last thing this island needs. We therefore travel further north. Of course with Palu in our thoughts every day.

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Day 15: We arrive in Manado quite late, but have just enough time to order some sushi.

After a nice short flight, we land in Manado, a big city with lots of super good eateries

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Day 16: It’s time to dive again, this time with Celebes Divers in Manado.

Always a good idea! Oh, and we also briefly see a Dugong (sea cow) swimming by. My day is Top.

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Day 17: We stay at the beautiful Mapia Resort, just outside the city center.

Just out of the busy center of Manado and nice by the sea. Truly a perfect location to explore Manado and surroundings

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Day 18: Time for the jungle. We travel to Tangkoko National Park

There we do a 7-hour trek. Just before the sun sets, we see a ghost animal. How nice

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Day 19: From the jungle to the paradise of Bangka Island.

WOW! Bangka Island how beautiful you are. Despite the fact that a volcano has just erupted nearby, we are completely in our element on this beautiful island in North Sulawesi.

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Day 20: After a nice swim, relax at this private beach!

Bangka Island has some wonderful dive sites that you should definitely not miss

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Day 21: Last day on Bangka Island. Not bad I say!

We travel immediately this day to Siladen, yet another bounty island. Well … life is tough.

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Day 22: Siladen (Bunaken). The best diving spots in the world.

Dozens of turtles, sharks and beautiful coral.

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Day 23: in love with our cottage right on the beach at Kuda Laut

I don’t think it gets much better than this. From our cottage right by the sea we dream away every day in the hammock

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Day 24: Today, unfortunately, back to Manado for our last day in Sulawesi.

Ooo noooo. It’s almost over. Sulawesi how wonderful and adventurous you were! We will definitely come back again

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Our journey through Sulawesi

What are nice places to stay in Sulawesi?

We got to stay in a lot of cool places during our 24 day trip through Sulawesi. It was a bit more expensive than we are normally used to from Indonesia but most accommodations include breakfast, lunch and dinner. And! They are beautiful hotels all located in dreamy locations.

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