10x must-do Kerala, South India

Man, oh man, oh man, this little piece of South India is ridiculously beautiful and relaxed that you won’t believe your eyes. Say goodbye to those busy roads and chaotic scenes you normally associate with India, because here you’ll be surrounded by lush rice fields, blissful beaches, cozy streets, and pristine nature. And I’ve gathered the 10 most epic things that you simply cannot miss in Kerala! So get ready, grab that backpack from the attic, and discover the incredible Kerala!

Hike through the rice fields of Munnar

Put on those hiking shoes and go! Because the rice fields of Munnar are absolutely the most stunning you’ll ever see! Traverse those green hills and let yourself be enchanted by the breathtaking views. Fresh mountain air in your lungs and green beauty all around you, this is what will make your heart beat faster!
You can do the hike on your own, but we booked a half-day trekking tour via Viator and it was absolutely FANTASTIC!

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Stroll through the cozy streets of Fort Kochi

Take a leisurely stroll through the cozy streets of Fort Kochi. Here, you’ll taste history, feel the colonial vibes, and fall in love with the colorful houses. Don’t forget to take a break at a local café for a cup of Chai or a refreshing beer, because hey, why not?

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Embark on an incredible boat trip through the Backwaters of Kerala

Discover the enchanting Backwaters of Kerala with a boat trip! Hop aboard a traditional houseboat and let yourself be carried away through lush mangroves and picturesque villages. This is slow travel at its best, folks.
Even more awesome is spending a night on a houseboat! It’s a bit pricier, but absolutely a unique experience.

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Spot tigers and elephants in one of the many national parks

Get your binoculars ready, because we’re going on a safari in the national parks of Kerala! Spot those mighty tigers, imposing elephants, and an abundance of exotic birds in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary or Eravikulam National Park. Let the wildlife frenzy begin, folks!

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Relax on the beach of Marari Beach

Sand between your toes, sun on your face, and waves washing away your worries. Marari Beach is the place to be to unwind completely. No fancy joints or bustling boulevards, just a simple serene beach and a few cozy homestays.

south india travel
south india travel

Book an Ayurvedic treatment

Book yourself an Ayurvedic treatment and indulge in the ultimate pampering session. Kerala is the birthplace of this ancient healing art, so you’re in for a hefty dose of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Explore the old town of Kochi

Delve deeper into the history of Kerala and wander through the old town of Kochi. Visit the impressive Dutch Palace, meander through vibrant markets, and marvel at the beautiful synagogue. Here, you’ll inhale the unique mix of cultures that make Kochi so special.

Indulge in Indian Food galore

Dosa, idli, sambhar, these are the words you need to remember, dear foodies. Embark on a culinary adventure in local eateries and enjoy those explosive flavors.

Fort Kochi jew town
Fort Kochi jew town

Discover the enchanting tea plantations of Wayanad

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to this place due to time constraints, but it’s supposed to be an absolute highlight. Wander through the fragrant tea bushes and learn all about the tea production process. Plus, you can spot loads of elephants here, which is pretty cool.

Experience the authentic culture through Kathakali dance performances

Immerse yourself in the traditional culture of Kerala by attending a Kathakali dance performance. Be fascinated by the impressive costumes, expressive facial expressions, and graceful movements of the dancers. This is a unique cultural experience that will transport you back in time.
Kerala is calling, dear friends! Dive into the enchanting magic of the backwaters, savor the flavors of Keralaan cuisine, walk through the greenest tea plantations ever, and lose yourself in the wild beauty of Kerala’s nature. Don’t hesitate any longer, throw that backpack on your shoulders, and let Kerala completely enchant you!

Do you have any fun tips that should be added here? Let us know quickly in the comments or send us a DM on Instagram!

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