The best campsites in the Netherlands

From the festival atmosphere at Lievelinge, to nature at Charme camping Hartje Groen, boating at HUttopia de Roos, and yoga sessions and live music at camping Buitenland. Whenever possible, we’re off. In recent years, trendy campsites have been popping up like mushrooms, and we’re very happy about it. From lively festival campsites to culinary campsites where you can order Michelin-worthy meals. The era of boring campsites is over! Whether you’re going on a trip with a vintage camper or enjoying a cozy tent, camping in the Netherlands is just awesome.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve had the pleasure of discovering many trendy campsites in our little country. It’s time to share our camping tips with you.

Small note! Unfortunately, I haven’t visited some campsites yet (bucket list campsites), but I’ve heard so many great stories about them. Hopefully, I’ll visit these campsites soon. If you have a cool trendy camping tip yourself, let us know in a comment or send a message via Instagram.

Overview of trendy campsites in the Netherlands

  • Charme Camping Hartje Groen – book here
  • Camping de Lievelinge – book here
  • Camping Bij Ons – book here
  • Camping ‘t Buitenland – book here
  • Duincamping Geversduin – book here
  • Camping De Roos Huttopia –
  • Traveling camping De Camphanen – Discontinued

Bucketlist trendy campsites

  • Camping Het Bos Roept – book here
  • Camping De Lakens – Right by the sea (no pets allowed) – book here
  • Camping Netl de Wildste tuin (no pets allowed) – book here
  • East Nomads (glamping + camper spots) – book here
  • Het Goeie Leven – book here
  • Camping For Rest (temporarily closed)

Charme camping Hartje Groen

For years, we knew about the cozy cabin at Camping Hartje Groen for a nice drink, but we had never thought about camping there. The campsite is actually only a 20-minute drive from our house. That is until 2 months ago. It was a beautiful day, we were on our way back home from the beach, and we spontaneously decided to camp for a night at Charme Camping Hartje Groen. We should have done this much earlier. The campsite is TRULY amazing.

During our camping trip, my sister and her family spontaneously came by with their caravan for a night. A month later, we returned with the whole family. Oh, and my sister even booked an additional week for the summer vacation! Yes, once you’ve experienced the atmosphere of Charme Camping Hartje Groen, you want to go back. There’s a relaxed vibe, you can grab a bite or a drink at the cozy cabin, you can easily access nature for a walk, and there’s plenty for the kids to do. Want to know more? Read the article about Charme Camping Hartje Groen.

camping Netherlands
coolest camping Netherlands
camping Netherlands

Camping Bij Ons

Camping Bij Ons in Groesbeek was our first camping trip with the blue bus. Another campsite right around the corner from us. Camping Bij Ons proves that you don’t have to travel far for the ultimate holiday feeling. This place used to be neglected, but now it’s a trendy campsite with a fantastic atmosphere. You have the choice of 40 spacious camping pitches. If you really want to experience the camping life but aren’t a fan of traditional camping, Bij Ons offers unique accommodations that are perfect for you. You can spend the night in a boat, a tipi, or even a giant dome.

camping Nederland
leukste camping nederland

Camping Buitenland

Tipis, live music, a pink barrier, colorful artworks – one thing is for sure, Camping Buitenland is SUPER HIP! Camping Buitenland is for everyone – families, life enthusiasts, nature lovers, couples, seniors, hippies, music lovers, yoga fanatics, and the list goes on. That’s what makes the campsite so great. This place is for everyone. As a result, there’s a relaxed, colorful atmosphere, and you’ll meet the most extraordinary people.

Camping Netherlands
trendy camping Netherlands
trendy camping
Camping Netherlands

Camping De Roos Huttopia

Huttopia campsites can be found throughout France and recently in the Netherlands as well. Rest, nature, and a relaxed atmosphere are at the heart of these campsites. So you’ll find campfires and lakes instead of loud playgrounds and massive slides. In the midst of nature along the Vecht river, you’ll find numerous spacious camping pitches. Because at Huttopia, it’s all about peace and space.

camping huttopia de roos
camping de roos
huttopia nederland

Camping de Lievelinge in Vuren might just be the trendiest campsite ever! From a vintage carousel, bright red toilet facilities, a giant circus tent, a place where you can cuddle pigs, to an ice cream food truck. Yup, it doesn’t get much hipper than this. Camping de Lievelinge is a cozy organized chaos. Everywhere you turn, you discover something new. In terms of decor and facilities, Camping de Lievelinge has won my heart. However, after spending a night there, we left with mixed feelings. It looks amazing, but the people at de Lievelinge were not really hospitable or helpful during our camping trip. Maybe it was because we were there during the low season. Hopefully, there will be a chance for a second visit this summer. Because if that turns out to be great as well, then Camping de Lievelinge will definitely be my favorite.

camping Nederland
leukste camping nederland
camping Nederland

Camping Geversduin

Right next to the beautiful dune reserve, in the middle of the forest and near the sea, you’ll find Duincamping Geversduin. Duincamping Geversduin is the sister site of Camping de Lakens and Camping Bakkum. One of the few trendy campsites by the sea. Camping de Lakens and Camping Bakkum are located directly in the dune area, which unfortunately means dogs are not allowed. But at Camping Geversduin, this is not a problem at all. The campsite might be a little further from the sea, but you can easily reach it by bike. The campsite looks amazing, with spacious and green pitches. Camping Geversduin also offers various types of accommodations and glamping options. For example, we spent a few nights in the new Duin Kebbin on the park.

camping Nederland
hippe camping Nederland
leukste camping Nederland
camping Nederland

De Reizende Camping Camphanen

A vintage caravan, an old Mercedes bus, or a completely furnished trendy tent. The options are endless at Camphanen! All pitches have their own outdoor seating area and a place to make a campfire. You also have a private shower. The accommodations look absolutely amazing and are decorated in a vintage style. I’m already a FAN! Since 2021, it has also been possible to bring your own camping equipment and stay on the site. The price is approximately 40 euros per night, which is somewhat comparable to a spot at, for example, Camping de Lievelinge (one of the more expensive festival campsites in the Netherlands).

camping camphanen

Campsites in the Netherlands still on the Bucketlist:

Camping Het Bos Roept

Yes… This campsite definitely calls out to me. Camping Het Bos Roept has been recommended by numerous people and has been high on our bucket list for a while now. Somehow, we haven’t had the opportunity to visit yet, but hopefully, that will change soon. Camping Het Bos Roept is located in Slootdorp, in the northern part of North Holland. It’s the perfect place for nature lovers and those seeking peace and tranquility. At Camping Het Bos Roept, you can truly go offline and escape the hustle and bustle. Breathe in the forest air, take a deep breath, and feel the serenity. That’s what the forest calls for.
More information about the campsite or book directly


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Camping De Lakens – Located by the Sea (no pets allowed)

Camping De Lakens has also been on our bucket list for years. This trendy dune campsite is located right in the dune area, which unfortunately means that dogs are not allowed. And when we go camping, we prefer to bring our beloved furry friend along. However, we still want to experience the beach vibes of this campsite soon, and we hope to secure a spot in the summer of 2021. If you’re looking for a great camping site by the sea where dogs are allowed, Camping Geversduin is a fantastic recommendation!
More information about the campsite or book directly

camping Nederland

Foto: Camping De Lakens

Camping Netl de Wildste Tuin – Camping Kallumaan (no pets allowed)

In the wildest garden of the Netherlands, you’ll find a really cool campsite. Camping Netl de Wildste Tuin is an outdoor paradise full of nature. It’s a popular place for families and nature enthusiasts. Here, you can sleep right in the middle of nature at the Nettle Camping Kallumaan. The campsite offers a variety of settings, from bamboo forests to idyllic beaches. Do I need to say more?
More information about the campsite or book directly

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More trendy camping tips:

  • Pop-up camping De Wereld: Glamping and camper pitches – book here
  • East Nomads: Glamping and Camper pitches with private facilities – book here
  • Camping Bij Groen Geluk – book here
  • Surfcamping Laguna Beach – book here

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