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Traveling as much as possible, exploring the world.
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Sleeping in the jungle of Sumatra, island hopping in the Philippines, hiking in the Himalayas, to the most beautiful road trips with our Oldtimer Mercedes bus through Europe. Man, the world is BEAUTIFUL! The bucket list is endless, so we prefer to go away as often as possible. Take a quick look at our favorite destinations and get inspired for your next trip!

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We – Desi, Leroy and our grumbler Buddha – together form team Foedsie. We prefer to travel as much as possible, discovering the world. From diving to climbing gigantic mountains or just relaxing on a beautiful beach. On the plane with a backpack or on the road trip with our old Mercedes bus. Why Foodie? Well often gone and a little foodies. Because according to us, traveling always goes hand in hand with good food. We therefore not only share the most beautiful routes, useful travel tips, but also the best hotspots. Always with a good dose of humor (at least we think) including a touch of Brabant/Nijmegen. We love beautiful shots, but prefer to skip the swings and busy instagram hotspots. Give us a beer on a deserted beach, a charming quiet village or a good mountain.